RYAN WALSH – Leicester

Fitness Bricks gym installation


Ryan Walsh approached Fitness Bricks in 2020 for advice and specifications on converting an old double garage into a new fitness studio in Leicester. With 60 square meters to work with, the challenge was to source a full range of products in very tight timescales.


After a 4 week initial consultation, Fitness Bricks sourced, supplied and installed a variety of fitness equipment within the timescales required enabling Ryan to meet the needs of his clients as soon as possible.


The studio was custom designed in Ryan’s chosen colour scheme with green flecked flooring, green turf, green Olympic bar and adjustable bench, as well as freshly painted black walls, lighting and mirrors. Delivered in partnership with Primal Strength and Powerblock it features everything from dumbbells, racks and storage to a multifunctional Primal Monster Unit incorporating a Smith Machine and Dual Adjustable Pulley.

“My new fitness space serves not only as a personal gym but also for 1 to 1 and small group fitness classes. For this reason I was excited to learn that I could brand my studio in custom green colours throughout. Fitness Bricks provided a personalised service, with valuable advice on design, layout and equipment specifications.”


Fitness Bricks 3D

Fitness Bricks 3D