Considering A Home Gym?

  1. Think about who will be using the gym – it could be just you, a spouse, or even perhaps children or an elderly relative. A home gym is an excellent opportunity to improve fitness for the whole family so make sure you factor every potential gym user into your design, layout and equipment specification.
  2. How do you and your family want to keep fit? Cardio isn’t for everyone, so find a style of fitness that suits the whole family. It could be a mix of cardio and strength equipment, a more functional style space with cardio plus kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells, or it could take a more holistic approach such as incorporating yoga or pilates.
  3. Set your objectives – they could be related to fitness, health or general well being but whatever the goal, having a dedicated space in your home environment can help to keep you on track.

Fitness gym at home


The first question you may be asking is do I have enough space to fit a gym into my home? Fitness Bricks specialise in helping customers to visualise their dream gym, whether it be a converted garage, basement, attic space, spare room, annexe, garden building or just a spare room.

It’s amazing how much you can fit into a small space especially with an experienced designer overseeing the project, but there are limits You will most likely need;

If you don’t have an existing space to utilise, one option would be to build a new structure. This of course will certainly require a team of home gym designers to achieve;

  • A space in the region of 5 by 5 metres
  • Enough space between equipment to ensure adequate safety and movement
  • Proper ventilation and lighting to ensure ample airflow and good visibility
  • Ample wall space for mirrors and projectors for streamed exercise classes
  • Temperature control to ensure the gym is not too hot or cold

Fitness gym at home